Military Grade MRE Meals Are Sometimes Better Choices Than Civilian Grade Options

If you ever look at the market for meals ready to eat, you’ll notice that there’s both military grade MRE options, as well as civilian grade units for sale. Choosing between the two does not have to be complicated, as both will provide you easy food to use for things like camping and hiking. However, military variants do have some advantages over their civilian counterparts.For starters, military grade MREs are going to always be a complete meal. There will be a protein or entree, a side, a beverage, a dessert, and usually some kind of ‘charm.’ This all makes it easy to know you don’t have to buy extra things in order to have all the food you need to get through an afternoon or other part of your day in the field or outdoors.

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Something else that military grade MREs feature over civilian rated options is that their durability is more robust. In short, they’ll store better and longer, making them a smarter choice if you are just stockpiling rations as part of emergency supplies.It should be noted that however that just because an MRE says it is military grade does not automatically mean that it is military surplus or military in origin. The Department of Defense has gotten better at anticipating levels of supplies needed, so the secondary aftermarket of surplus military MREs is not as robust as it once was.

Having said that, there’s still a robust market for military grade XMRE, as many of the units available come from the same production lines and manufacturing facilities that produce what the military does buy. There are also MRE lines made purely for civilian use, but done so in compliance with military standards and protocols.